New ETFE flexible tube product – resistant to aggressive media and extremely flexible

We are pleased to present you with two new flexible tubes from our assortment. We now offer you our flexible ETFE tubes that are also available as a mesh-reinforced version.

As a result of the unique combination of ethylentetrafluorethylene (ETFE) in the inner layer and polyurethane (PU) in the outer layer, our flexible tubes have the media resistance of a fluoroplastic and are particularly resistant to acids and alkalis as well as the flexibility of an elastomer. The high pressure resistance is also outstanding that significantly outweighs other elastic tubes in comparison. As a result of the high elasticity, the flexible tubes have low bending radii so that the use of fittings that are necessary for a PFTE tube is dispensed with.

The flexible tubes are used in cable trays in printers and in the automotive industry as painting robots are continually moving and the tubes must withstand these rotations. Additional application areas include flexible tubes in robotics with a high reverse bending load, in plant engineering in confined spaces and in analysis systems.

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1B+ - flexible tube connectors for mesh-reinforced tubes

The 1B+ tube connector is designed according to the 1+ principle and especially for mesh-reinforced tubes. As all of the Generation+ connectors, it consists of only two parts: the connector body and the pressure screw. The clamping ring is incorporated into the pressure screw. An extra clamping ring is not required. The thread and connecting sleeve are integrated inside in the connector body. The advantage: they cannot be damaged and are protected against external effects.

The pressure screw is used to secure against longitudinal forces that could pull down the flexible tube from the connecting sleeve and is designed to secure the flexible tube in place by intercepting any shear or torsional stresses. This allows for the application of up to 16 bar (Assembly instructions, Pressure Guides).

The connector is completely leak-proof when it is "hand-tight" and no tools are required. This significantly reduces assembly times. The pressure screw can also be tightened with a fork wrench so there is no gap between the connection and the connector body. The possibility of overtightening is excluded by the defined stop.

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Corrugated flexible tube connector 1W+, ready for direct connection

There is a new member of our Generation+: we present the new 1W+ connector for corrugated flexible tubes – ready for direct connection.

For other conventional connections, corrugated flexible tubes normally have to be thermally smoothed in the connection area so that a flexible tube connector can be mounted. Users who are unable to do this themselves need to have the corrugated flexible tubes prefabricated in advance by a tube provider. This time-consuming and costly procedure is completely eliminated by the new 1W+ flexible tube connector from emtechnik.

The corrugated flexible tube can be pushed directly onto the slightly conical connecting sleeve inside the connector body. Then when the pressure screw is tightened, the corrugated flexible tube is fixed in place on the connecting sleeve. Like all the connectors of our Generation+, no clamping ring is needed because it is integrated into the pressure screw. That means the connector consists of only two parts, which makes handling considerably easier. The 1W+ connector provides a complete seal when it is "hand-tight" and is able to withstand pressures up to 10 bar (corrugated flexible tube up to 4 bar). No tools are required, which shortens assembly times significantly. The possibility of accidental overtightening is excluded by the defined stop. Different sizes and highly media-resistant plastics are available.

A video with a more detailed description of the 1W+ can be found here.

For Maximum Precision and Reliability: Diaphragm Pressure Gauge with Series 3D Manometer

Almost 50 years of experience is also evident in our new diaphragm pressure gauge with integrated manometer, which we developed especially for measuring pressure in neutral and aggressive media.

Precise measurement results

To protect the manometer from the corrosive affects of the medium, a diaphragm made of PTFE-TFM 1700 hermetically seals the manometer from the medium. The pressure is measured through a buffer fluid that transfers the pressure onto the measuring chamber of the manometer. The large surface of the diaphragm ensures high-precision measurement results. Since all parts in contact with the media are made of plastics with high media-resistance such as PP, PVDF and PTFE, our diaphragm pressure gauges are also especially well suited for aggressive media.

Durable and maintenance-free with a wide variety of uses

Other plus factors: Series 3D diaphragm pressure gauges are largely maintenance-free. They are durable and can also be installed in any installation position. To protect the manometer, but also to make your system more maintenance-friendly, we recommend installing a ball valve (emtechnik series 6L) between the pipeline and the diaphragm. This will ensure that any required maintenance can be performed with no problems, even with system pressure present. Series 3D diaphragm pressure gauges can be connected anywhere, as they are fitted with welding unions, female threads or male threads. Like all emtechnik threads, they are manufactured without seams and are absolutely leak-proof. Series 3D diaphragm pressure gauges are versatile and can be used wherever precise measurement results are essential. That includes the food industry, water treatment, refrigeration and air conditioning technology, the chemical industry, process analytical technology (PAT) and shipbuilding.

The advantages at glance:

  • The diaphragm, made of PTFE-TFM 1700, separates the manometer from the medium and protects against corrosion.
  • Large diaphragm surface ensures precise measurement results
  • All parts in contact with media made of PP, PVDF or PTFE for aggressive media
  • Durable and largely maintenance-free

For further information or if you have questions, just give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you: +49.6237.4070 You can find further product information here: diaphragm pressure gauge

Well designed and ready to connect: Series 3P pump head connectors

The development of solutions for practical applications has taken first priority for emtechnik for almost 50 years. That's why today we are one of the world's leading providers of miniature fittings and connectors made of special plastics. Based on this great experience, we have now developed the series 3P pump head connectors, which can be connected directly onto dosing pumps with M20 x1.5 male threads (DIN 8063).

Carefully considered design

Electrical dosing pumps are frequently used where exact dosing of a wide range of different media is important: This includes for example process analytical technology (PAT), water treatment and water disinfecting as well as swimming pool technology. emtechnik offers connectors for pump heads for the most commonly used dosing pumps of many pump manufacturers with various connection options for pipes and flexible tubes. For example, diaphragm and hose pumps with an M20x1.5 male thread can be connected directly and leak-proof. Thanks to the carefully considered design of these pump head connectors, the inlay component with integrated connector is made directly from one part. An efficient advantage: no painstaking and time-intensive welding together is needed. The thread manufactured without seam, in accordance with DIN. USAS or JIS guarantees the connector will be easy to use, as it is absolutely leak-proof and can be undone at any time.

Variable connection options

Different connector technologies for various tube and pipe materials are available for selection for emtechnik pump head connectors. In addition to the tried and tested 1A and 2N, the recently developed 1+ is an especially compact connector - with integrated clamping ring and hand-tight, leak-proof to at least 16 bar.

The advantages at glance:

  • Inlay component and connectors made from a single piece to ensure a reliable seal; no welding needed
  • Materials PP, PVDF and PFA for high media resistance
  • Threads are manufactured seam-free in accordance with DIN, USAS or JIS to ensure a reliable seal
  • Various connection options for pipes and flexible tubes

For further information or if you have questions, just give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you: +49.6237.4070 You can find further product information here: pump head connectors

Various Applications: Shut-off, Collect, Distribute

We have improved our series 5P pneumatically actuated diaphragm valve. Now we can offer this highly efficient shut-off valve also as 3/2-way valve for collecting or distributing media.

New membrane material XP40

  • Useful for multiple applications such as shut-off valve and now also as 3/2-way valve for distributing or collecting media
  • Also suitable as safety valve
  • New membrane material XP40
    => excellent sealing tightness
    => excellent media resistance
    => low opening pressure required
  • High reliability and durability due to special construction of the diaphragm with a 90°-cone
  • Very good flow rate even with soiled media due to nominal diameter DN05

More info? To the diaphragm valve 5P

The alternative to solenoid valves - the 6R ball valve

New features and functions ensure even greater safety reserves, more convenient operation and absolutely accurate positioning, even for 5-way ball valves. Even at high switching frequencies, this fitting ensures extremely low power consumption while "keeping a cool head".

An overview of our 6R ball valves:

  • With a full flow rate of up to 6 mm at 10 bar, these ball valves are an ideal alternative to solenoid valves, even in dirty or viscous media.
  • The high-quality DC micro-motor with planetary gear ensures optimum control with very short switching times and without running hot.
  • Wear-free Hall sensors act as position transducers, reporting the position of the ball directly to an integrated processor board => extremely low power consumption
  • A port is available to connect a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) or Process Control System (PCS)
  • The motor housing is made of impact-resistant PP => high resistance to media and corrosion => can be used even in aggressive environments
  • The ball valve housing is available in PP, PVDF or PFA => high resistance to media
  • Equipped with seamless G or NPT female threads as per DIN, USAS or JIS => wide range of connection options
  • Reduced dimensions => the ideal solution for space-saving assembly

series 6R ball valves

Series 5L regulation valve are ideally suited for all applications requiring gas and liquid flow control. Based on a special design, they are light and compact.

Now emtechnik has expanded its extensive, modularly structured range of regulation valves with the 5L series. The latest regulation valve now has a considerably greater flow with DN 15. The connections are also larger: The valve is equipped with two G 1" male threads manufactured without seams, with O-ring to DIN 8063. These provide absolute tightness and allow for universal applications. They can be combined with a wide variety of connecting elements from the emtechnik modular system, especially Series 3E.

Therefore the new Series 5L regulation valve is an alternative application to diaphragm valves or ball valves.

=> New Series 5L regulation valve

Series 1+: The New Standard

Great performance in a compact format combined with a consistent focus on users: These hallmarks of quality have made emtechnik one of the world‘s leading providers of high-performance miniature fittings and connectors made of special plastics - and now we have redefined the standard.

Series 1+ connectors are based on a completely new construction that adds compact design as well as simple and reliable use to our established performance:

1. Series 1+ connectors consist of just two parts: the connector body and the pressure screw. The clamping ring is integrated into the pressure screw. The advantage: An extra clamping ring is no longer required, there is no way to insert the clamping ring incorrectly and no individual parts can be lost.

2. The thread and connecting sleeve are integrated inside the connector body in Series 1+ connectors. The advantage: The thread and connecting sleeve cannot be damaged and are protected against outside influences.

3. Handling of Series 1+ connectors is impressively simple. The advantage: The connector provides a complete seal when it is “hand-tight” and no tools are required. This significantly reduces assembly times. If required the pressure screw can also be tightened with a wrench so there is no gap between the connection and the connector body.

The Series 1+ connection principle is a registered utility model. A patent application has been filed and is pending.

If you need help finding the right connector for your application, please contact us.

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Addition to the 7F product series of filters

Series 7F filters were developed for safe and reliable cleaning of gasses. They feature a versatile range of applications and are easy to work with for daily tasks. Now several new filter have been added to the 7F product series. Effective immediately, filters with GL drain, shut-off filters or coalescence filters are also available. Different filter grades are available depending on the customer's needs: for particle filters with a porosity from 0.3 µm to 100 µm and for coalescence filters with a porosity from 0.9 µm to 25 µm. Both filter types are available immediately with nominal diameters starting at DN04/06 with female G- thread or with integrated connections for flexible tubes. Depending on the filter type, housings are available in PP, PVDF, PTFE or PFA. More information is available here: