• 2002 72 EG
  • EN ISO 22000 Food Safety
  • ADI-free
  • RoHS
  • Food Suitable
  • KTW (Plastics in Drinking Water)
  • Sterile
  • USP Class VI
  • High Purity
  • High Temperature Compatibility
  • Electrically conductive
  • No dead volume
  • Standards and Norms

Straight connector for flexible tube (Series 1+) with male G-thread

Technical Details
Article Connection A Connection B Material
1+100MG0518PP DN1/6"/1/4" G1/8" PP Add to Wish List
1+100MG0518PV DN1/6"/1/4" G1/8" PVDF Add to Wish List
1+100MG1114PN DN1/4"/3/8" G1/4" PP-NATURE Add to Wish List
1+100MG1538PP DN3/8"/1/2" G3/8" PP Add to Wish List
1+100MG1512PP DN3/8"/1/2" G1/2" PP Add to Wish List
1+100MG1512PV DN3/8"/1/2" G1/2" PVDF Add to Wish List
1+100MG4018PF DN04/06 G1/8" PFA Add to Wish List
1+100MG4018PP DN04/06 G1/8" PP Add to Wish List
1+100MG4018PV DN04/06 G1/8" PVDF Add to Wish List
1+100MG4018PVFP (O-Ring) DN04/06 G1/8" PVDF/FPM Add to Wish List
1+100MG4014PF DN04/06 G1/4" PFA Add to Wish List
1+100MG4014PP DN04/06 G1/4" PP Add to Wish List
1+100MG4014PPFP (O-Ring) DN04/06 G1/4" PP/FPM Add to Wish List
1+100MG4014PV DN04/06 G1/4" PVDF Add to Wish List
1+100MG4038PF DN04/06 G3/8" PFA Add to Wish List
1+100MG4038PP DN04/06 G3/8" PP Add to Wish List
1+100MG4038PV DN04/06 G3/8" PVDF Add to Wish List
1+100MG4038PVEL DN04/06 G3/8" PVDF-EL Add to Wish List
1+100MG4012PF DN04/06 G1/2" PFA Add to Wish List
1+100MG4012PP DN04/06 G1/2" PP Add to Wish List
1+100MG4012PV DN04/06 G1/2" PVDF Add to Wish List
1+100MG4214PV DN05/08 G1/4" PVDF Add to Wish List
1+100MG4318PP DN06/08 G1/8" PP Add to Wish List
1+100MG4318PPEL DN06/08 G1/8" PP-EL Add to Wish List
1+100MG4318PPFP (O-Ring) DN06/08 G1/8" PP/FPM Add to Wish List
1+100MG4314PF DN06/08 G1/4" PFA Add to Wish List
1+100MG4314PP DN06/08 G1/4" PP Add to Wish List
1+100MG4314PV DN06/08 G1/4" PVDF Add to Wish List
1+100MG4314PVFP (O-Ring) DN06/08 G1/4" PVDF/FPM Add to Wish List
1+100MG4338PF DN06/08 G3/8" PFA Add to Wish List
1+100MG4338PP DN06/08 G3/8" PP Add to Wish List
1+100MG4338PV DN06/08 G3/8" PVDF Add to Wish List
1+100MG4338PVFP (O-Ring) DN06/08 G3/8" PVDF/FPM Add to Wish List
1+100MG4312PP DN06/08 G1/2" PP Add to Wish List
1+100MG4312PV DN06/08 G1/2" PVDF Add to Wish List
1+100MG4514PP DN08/10 G1/4" PP Add to Wish List
1+100MG4514PV DN08/10 G1/4" PVDF Add to Wish List
1+100MG4538PP DN08/10 G3/8" PP Add to Wish List
1+100MG4512PF DN08/10 G1/2" PFA Add to Wish List
1+100MG4612PV DN08/12 G1/2" PVDF Add to Wish List
1+100MG4714PF DN09/12 G1/4" PFA Add to Wish List
1+100MG4712PF DN09/12 G1/2" PFA Add to Wish List
1+100MG4712PV DN09/12 G1/2" PVDF Add to Wish List
1+100MG4818PF DN10/12 G1/8" PFA Add to Wish List
1+100MG4814PF DN10/12 G1/4" PFA Add to Wish List
1+100MG4814PP DN10/12 G1/4" PP Add to Wish List
1+100MG4814PV DN10/12 G1/4" PVDF Add to Wish List
1+100MG4838PP DN10/12 G3/8" PP Add to Wish List
1+100MG4838PV DN10/12 G3/8" PVDF Add to Wish List
1+100MG4812PF DN10/12 G1/2" PFA Add to Wish List
1+100MG4812PP DN10/12 G1/2" PP Add to Wish List
1+100MG4812PV DN10/12 G1/2" PVDF Add to Wish List
1+100MG4912PV DN10/14 G1/2" PVDF Add to Wish List
1+100MG5112PP DN12/14 G1/2" PP Add to Wish List
1+100MG5112PV DN12/14 G1/2" PVDF Add to Wish List
1+100MG5212PV DN12/16 G1/2" PVDF Add to Wish List
Technical illustration for the Straight connector for flexible tube (Series 1+) with male G-thread

Dimensions 1+100MG…

A(DN) B(G) l2 ~L3 SW SW1 D
DN1/6"/1/4" 1/8" 8 22 13 11 15
DN1/6"/1/4" 1/4" 12 22 17 11 20
DN1/6"/1/4" 3/8" 12 22 22 11 25
DN1/4"/3/8" 1/4" 12 25 17 17 20
DN1/4"/3/8" 3/8" 12 25 22 17 25
DN1/4"/3/8" 1/2" 14 25 27 17 30
DN3/8"/1/2" 1/4" 12 27.5 22 21 25
DN3/8"/1/2" 3/8" 12 27.5 22 21 25
DN3/8"/1/2" 1/2" 14 27.5 27 21 30
DN04/06 1/8" 8 23.5 13 11 15
DN04/06 1/4" 12 24 17 11 20
DN04/06 3/8" 12 24.5 22 11 25
DN06/08 1/8" 8 25 17 15 20
DN06/08 1/4" 12 25.5 17 15 20
DN06/08 3/8" 12 26 22 15 25
DN06/08 1/2" 14 26.5 27 15 30
DN10/12 1/8" 8 29 22 21 25
DN10/12 1/4" 12 29.5 22 21 25
DN10/12 3/8" 12 30 22 21 25
DN12/14 1/8" 8 31.5 22 21 25
DN12/14 1/4" 12 32 22 21 25
DN12/14 3/8" 12 32.5 22 21 25

Materials 1+…

Pressure screw PP PVDF PFA

Technical data Series 1+… (except 1+100P…), 1W+…, 1B+…

Pressure stage PN 16*

* see assembly instructions, pressure guide II and pay attention to the pressure stage of the corrugated tube.

Standards and Norms

  • 2002 72 EG

    Cleaner and Reliable

    The connectors and fittings of emtechnik meet the requirements of EU Directive 2002/72/EC for materials and objects made of plastic that are intended to come in contact with foodstuffs (including the updates and changes in 2007/19/EC, 2011/8/EU).

    Materials and objects made of plastic that come in contact with foodstuffs may transfer toxic substances into the food, thereby posing a risk for human health.

    All of these substances are controlled on a community level based on migration limits and detailed conditions of usage in reference to ensuring food safety.

  • EN ISO 22000 Food Safety

    International Standard for Foodstuffs and Animal Feeding Stuffs

    EN ISO 22000 is the only certifiable standard for food safety management systems that is designed for worldwide use and covers all stages of production.

    emtechnik connectors and fittings are being used increasingly in the food industry especially, as they not only comply with EN ISO 22000, but are also made of food-safe plastics and thus feature sterilisability, reliability and high media resistance.

    The starting point for the development of ISO 22000 was the desire to avoid multiple certification (HACCP, BRC and IFS, etc.) by creating unified standards in the food industry, as these standards previously covered onl7 specific partial aspects. The standards recognised by the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative, an organisation of worldwide retail trade) include the IFS and BRC, etc., which are recognised in different ways regionally by retail businesses. EN ISO 22000 now provides for the first time a generally recognised standard of certification for food safety specifically for businesses that do not deliver directly to the food industry (such as manufacturers of semi-finished products, device manufacturers, etc.).

  • ADI-free

    emtechnik guarantees that the materials it uses are free of constituents of animal origin, in other words that they are ADI free (animal derived free).

    BSE pathogens, referred to as prions, can lead to a variant of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in humans. Because these pathogens are not living organisms like bacteria, but rather a modified protein molecules, they are extremely resistant. Due to this special resistance, manufacturers must reliably exclude the possibility that BSE pathogens could be introduced into production systems for food products. This also affects all materials that are used in those production systems.

    You are on the safe side with emtechnik products

    Because we use only highly fluorinated virgin polymers that are free of any animal constituents, the possibility of contamination with BSE pathogens is absolutely excluded.

  • RoHS

    The raw materials used by emtechnik meet the requirements of RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU. That means they must not contain any lead, cadmium, chromium VI, mercury or the flame retardants PBB and PDBE and such materials are also not used anywhere in the production process.

    EU Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS 2) for restricting the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic devices governs the use of hazardous substances in devices and components.

    The goal of the directive is to restrict the use of (specific) hazardous constituents in electrical and electronic devices that are placed in circulation in the EU. This directive and its respective implementation in national legislation are referred to collectively by the acronym RoHS (Restriction of (the use of certain) Hazardous Substances).

  • Food Suitable

    The materials, which are summed up under the term food suitable, correspond to the regulations of the FDA and/or the European regulations EC 1935/2004. A lot of our tubes are available with certificates, which comply with the food regulations under EC-law or the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration). The FDA is the regulatory agency of the United States of America for monitoring of food and approval of drugs. The FDA monitors the safety and effectiveness of human and animal medicines, biological products, medical products, food suitable and radiation-emitting devices. This applies to both products produced in the USA and to imported products. The EC 1935/2004 defines uniform laws in reference to packaging materials and objects, which will come into contact directly or indirectly with food. The regulations are supposed to protect human health as well as consumer interests and guarantee that the products can be sold all over Europe.

  • KTW (Plastics in Drinking Water)

    Clean drinking water with emtechnik

    A key factor around the world for ensuring a healthy quality of life is clean drinking water. Fittings and connectors from emtechnik are making an important contribution to the recovery and treatment of drinking water.

    Thanks to innovative plastics, flow-optimised fittings and connectors from emtechnik have KTW approval. They provide an impressive solution with long service life, high media resistance, UV stability and excellent Kv values.

    KTW (plastics in drinking water, Kunststoffe im Trinkwasser) is a publication of the German Federal Environment Office that provides guidelines for hygienic assessment of organic materials in contact with drinking water.

    Current drinking water regulations in Germany have been in effect since 2003, protecting the most important consumable substance and therefore the health of all German citizens. Since the advent of these regulations, the same high requirements apply to flexible tubes as permanently installed lines:

    Hygiene and water quality with no residue must be guaranteed in all cases. All line elements including flexible tubes, seals and fittings must meet the new standard and must be approved to carry drinking water.

    We would be pleased to send you the related certificates from our suppliers on request.

  • Sterile

    No chance for germs

    Sterilisable connectors from emtechnik made of high-quality virgin plastics are used in applications requiring absolute cleanliness and reliability, such as in the pharmaceuticals industry.

    The materials PVDF and PFA have both FDA and USP Class VI approval (pharmaceutical approval). The are also suitable for hot steam sterilisation – an indispensable requirement for absolute sterility. PVDF also has KTW approval.

    It is autoclavable with no concerns at 134 °C or can be sterilised with γ radiation while fully retaining its mechanical properties (maximum dosage 25-50 kGy). PVDF is non-toxic in the range < 150 °C and does not provide any breeding ground for microorganisms, since it behaves very similarly to glass.

  • USP Class VI

    Pharmaceutical approval for emtechnik products

    The materials PFA and PVDF used for emtechnik products meet the requirements of USP Class VI guidelines (pharmaceutical approval).

    The U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) is a non-commercial organisation that develops the standards for the quality of medications and other medical products. The comprehensive tests of the biological responsiveness of elastomers, plastics and polymers with direct or indirect patient contact. The standards are divided into six classes. Class VI includes the strictest tests and is widely used and accepted in the pharmaceutical and medical products industry.

  • High Purity

    emtechnik has had an clean room to DIN EN ISO 14644-1 class 5 since 1997. This facility makes it possible to clean and assemble our products in a contamination-free atmosphere. All products for which we guarantee a high purity standard must pass through a carefully monitored production process in our factory:

    • For preparation for further processing in the clean-room, products we manufacture using either injection moulding or by mechanical means are first pre-cleaned in an ultrasound bath with an oil separator and a DI bath.
    • In the clean-room itself, the products are cleaned a second time and dried in vacuum conditions.
    • The products are then final assembled and quality controlled by specially trained employees.

    All clean-room products are placed in special double-welded packaging for safe transport. This packaging is also filled with class 5.0 nitrogen.

    To ensure that our products conform to the highest quality standards with excellent resistance and reliability characteristics even when used with aggressive media, we only use virgin plastics such as PVDF, PFA, PTFE or natural PP for these applications. All fluorine-based plastics are heat and pressure-resistant and can be sterilised in an autoclave without difficulty.

    We can pre-treat our products on request according to their intended application to achieve a silicon-free or oil and grease-free surface.

  • High Temperature Compatibility

    Do you work with hot media and are you looking for connections able to meet high temperature requirements? emtechnik offers you the right connection for these applications. Our Series 1C high temperature connections are the ideal solution if you have to work with aggressive media at very high temperatures.

    • PFA connector bodies => Outstanding chemical properties
    • Cutting ring made of PEEK => High operational reliability
    • Special connection principle with sealing ring and cutting ring => Flexible tubes unable to slip off

    User benefits:

    The special connection principle of our series 1C with PTFE sealing ring and PEEK cutting ring prevents the flexible tube from slipping off the connecting sleeve, even at temperatures up to 180°C.

    The PFA connector body features outstanding chemical properties and is likewise ideal for use at high temperatures.

    PEEK is another material that guarantees a high level of operational reliability due to its exceptional thermal stability.

  • Electrically conductive

    Complete range of equipment for explosion protection

    emtechnik is able to offer its extensive assortment of connectors, fittings and flexible tubes in the electrically conductive material variants PP-EL, PVDF-EL und PTFE-EL.

    • Surface resistance of <10³ Ω and <10² Ω
      => reliable protection against static charges
    • PVDF-EL, PTFE-EL: UV-impervious and UV-resistant
    • PP-EL: Blocks UV radiation
    • Excellent chemical resistance

    Most thermoplastic polymers are normally electrical insulators. Using meticulously developed recipes for special plastics, however, the electrical properties can be modified from insulating to conducting. This provides protection against an electrostatic charge. Otherwise a single spark could have catastrophic consequences.

    To prevent electrostatic charges from accumulating, the high-performance materials PP, PVDF and PTFE are equipped with electrically conducting particles. This gives them a very low surface resistance of less than <10³ Ω or <10² Ω.

    For all media that are sensitive to UV radiation, it is important for the materials to be dyed solid black to block all UV light. PVDF-EL and PTFE-EL materials are also UV-resistant.

    Our products in these materials thus ensure maximum safety combined with impressive chemical resistance properties.

  • No dead volume

    Dead volume has no place at emtechnik

    emtechnik offers these connector types for use wherever dead volumes must be avoided. The thread end in these connectors is not sealed by a sealing collar (G thread) or by the thread itself (NPT thread) but by an external cone.

    This arrangement requires the female thread on the mating element to have the same taper. Screwing in the connector creates a seamless joint where bacteria and particles of dirt have no opportunity to settle and accumulate.

    • Conical thread end
      => Connection with no dead volume
      => No settling of bacteria
      => No crystallisation of the medium
      => No accumulation of dirt

    • Connection principle possible for all series

  • Straight connector for flexible tube (Series 1+) with male G-thread
  • Straight connector for flexible tube (Series 1+) with male NPT-thread
  • Straight union for flexible tube (Series 1+) and pipe connection (Series 2N)
  • Straight union for flexible tube on both ends (Series 1+)
  • Elbow connector with connection for flexible tube 1+ and male G-thread
  • Elbow connector for flexible tube (Series 1+) with male NPT-thread
  • Elbow union for flexible tube on both ends (Series 1+)
  • T-connector for flexible tube (Series 1+) with male G-thread
  • T-connector with connections for flexible tube 1+ and male NPT-thread
  • T-union for flexible tube on all ends (Series 1+)
  • T-connector with connections for flexible tube 1+ and male G-thread, asymetrical
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large