Pressure-Controlled Flow Measurements

The flow speed and volume flow are measured in a heated housing by means of a pressure-controlled flow measurement. The 5L regulation valve can be used to take a sample from the medium flowing in. Then the flow rate value can be read by a flow meter. The manometer is helpful for adjusting the pressure keeping valve.

What do emtechnik and your breakfast have in common?

Flawless raw materials, ingredients, machines and components as well as production processes subject to the strictest control: These are some of the essential conditions for hygienic and safety requirements in food production. To ensure consistent quality, independent institutes are often assigned responsibility for quality control, which is necessarily strict. Ingredients and the composition of foods is analysed and controlled in laboratories.

And this is exactly where the products from our emtechnik module system are used: We provide our high-quality PVDF and PP products for laboratory and analysis facilities to meet the high and exceedingly strict requirements of the food industry. In this way our work makes a small but certainly not meaningless contribution to the consistent quality of your breakfast.

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