The new emtechnik training system

Our products and our knowledge about their use and application areas support the demanding applications of our customers. Our training & consulting program therefore introduces the trainees to our complete range of services. With the aid of three main thematic blocks and two practical parts, you will gain in-depth knowledge in the areas of connections & tubes, distribution & shut-off as well as filters, control & measurement. Based on the product knowledge, participants in the practical phases can directly apply their acquired knowledge and also get to know some tips and tricks. The em training program covers the information and knowledge requirements for employees of different sectors. Technically oriented employees will also find the training suitable for them such as employees in sales or purchasing.

The participant can combine different training blocks with each other as needed or take part in the complete training program.

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Connecting & Tubes

The aim of this module is to familiarise the participants with the proper handling of different plastics.

In our training program, the differences as well as the disadvantages and advantages when using individual plastics from the emtechnik portfolio are explained in detail. The distinction between the different tubes and pipes forms the basis for the selection of the correct emtechnik connectors. The explanation of the different sorts and types of threads, the resistance and the different application areas are included as the key points of this module.

For example, the pressure tightness of the connections is examined using practical examples. The participants also get to know tips and tricks when handling connectors and tubes from emtechnik.

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Distributing & Shutting-off

The aim of the Distribution & Shut-off module is to explain the significance of the shut-off fittings and manifolds from emtechnik to the participants in more detail.

In particular, the disadvantages and advantages of the application of different fittings are addressed here. The selection of the correct materials for individual use is also analysed precisely. The different cocks, valves, and distributor systems from emtechnik are also explained here. The electrical drive components and their materials are also important.

In the practical part, the participant is also shown various tips and tricks when handling manifolds and shut-off products.

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Filtering, Measuring & Regulating

Questions concerning the applications, safety and handling filters from emtechnik in use are answered in this module.

The participant also gets an overview of the different filter grades that is available for the individual application case. An exact analysis of the materials of the control systems as well as the integration options of the measurement systems in the existing application are also a part of the described training block. Which volume flows and pressures can be measured and which external control options from emtechnik exist are analysed in detail in this module.

In the subsequent practical part, the participant is shown various tips and tricks when handling filters, control systems and measurement instruments.

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Practical Part I - Connectors

The aim of the “Connectors” practical part is to teach the participants about the proper connection of tubes and pipes from emtechnik.

By means of a water test, the participant is shown important test methods for the tightness test with examples. With the representation of different connection principles from emtechnik, the sorts and types of thread are explained in more detail and the significance of the sealing collar and the torques are addressed. For example, the proper expansion of the tubes for flare connector are also important as the correct use of a tube cutter. These are explained to the participant in more detail and supplemented with tips and tricks from practice.

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Practical Part II - Fittings

The aim of the “Fittings” practical part is to explain the proper assembling of fittings and the connection of threaded fittings to the participant.

The different fittings from emtechnik are described by their materials, technical information, installation instructions and installation aids as well as by their associated spare parts. The practical part refers to an application-related selection of fittings. The assembling including tightness test are also performed and other connections test methods are discussed.

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The training course will take place at our premises in Maxdorf with 10-15 participants. The costs include training as well as teaching materials and catering during the days of the event.

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